Children’s Ministry

Children Ministry

Through our Sunday school and children related activities, our Children ministry consists in a partnership between kids Sunday school teachers and parents to guide Children toward a HEART of God.


Heartfelt relationship Children learn to have a genuine relation with God and with one another in a spirit of fellowship

Engaging teaching: children are not spoon-fed but they are engaged into their learning.  They participate and interact with their teachers and with one another.

Authentic worship: our Sunday school teachers model what it means to be Christian because children learn from what they see. They apply the same with one another.

Real service: here our children learn to serve and not to be served. Our Sunday school teachers would even reach out to the parents for special needs. So for example in collaboration with parents our children provided some winter clothes for homeless rather than look for gifts for themselves.

Telling the good news: Our children actively interact with the word of God and tell others.